Ubiminds is proud to have amazing team members. Smart, collaborative people who are business-savvy and have the grit to get things done. True to our #PeopleFirst and #OneTeam mindset, we’d like to celebrate them. Also, we want to provide you with contact information in case you’d like to know more about our business, processes, and people. Use it wisely!

Paulo Ross, Co-Founder and CEO

Paulo is a middle-aged man with gray hair. He is wearing a black T-shirt.

Paulo Ross, CEO at Ubiminds. Forever a software developer, entrepreneur, people-person, and devoted dad. Empowering teams to grow and deliver value.

After leading dozens of SaaS projects and building up different startups as CTO, Paulo considers himself proud to say that Ubiminds:

  • Helps businesses find the right people to build better products; and
  • Provides engineers with international career growth opportunities in top tech companies.

More on this here and here. Consider him your go-to person on topics related to strategic planning, product development, and Brazilian market insights. You can reach Paulo on his LinkedIn profile.

Business Generation

Thiago dos Reis, Head of Marketing and SalesThiago is a middle-aged man with gray hair. He is wearing a black T-shirt

Dad, Marketer, Salesman, Guitar Player. Self-starter, agile learner, and people-oriented, Thiago Reis is passionate about shaping the future of tech. Specialized in the Education Sector, previously excelling in Telecom, ISPs, and Digital Agencies.

He’s more than happy to address any questions or concerns you may have on:

  • Latin American talent pool;
  • Labor and employment standards;
  • Intellectual Property and Data Security warranties.

Chat with him and find out how Ubiminds became the go-to firm for nearshore staff augmentation and employer-of-record services in tech.

Talent Acquisition

Cinthia Tissot, Head of Talent Acquisition & PeopleOpsCinthia, a young woman with long, straight brown hair. She is wearing glasses and a white T-shirt.

Cinthia Tissot acts as Head of Talent Acquisition & PeopleOps at Ubiminds, crafting organizational culture, talent, and development. Her extensive people-first leadership spans tech, customer service, transportation, and consulting. Proficient in recruiting, training, and more, she drives our human capital excellence.

Software Engineers and Architects, Quality Analysts, DevOps, and Security Engineers: looking for remote work? Be sure to follow her on LinkedIn. We are hiring Brazilian technology pros for US-based companies all the time, literally.

Relationship Success

Lucas Carvalho, Head of Relationship SuccessLucas is a young man with dark hair. He is wearing a black T-shirt.

Ubiminds’ Head of Relationship Success Lucas Carvalho blends 7+ years in customer success leadership with a passion for the sports industry, co-founding the Recife Mariners. His mastery in strategic planning and fostering stakeholder engagement significantly influences organizations, notably guiding SaaS companies on their journey to expand their teams.

Speak with him to gain new insights on your recruitment and performance strategy. From how to boost talent attraction and conversion, to how to motivate and engage team members to keep attrition under control.

Backoffice Support

Guilherme Guimarães, Head of Admin, Finance and ComplianceGuilherme is a young man with dark hair and glasses.

Guilherme Guimarães connects knowledge, data, and insights that culminate in innovative business planning and solutions. He currently serves as Head of Finance and Administration, overseeing strategic economic and financial management and contributing to tactical decision-making.

Guilherme is also deeply involved in Legal and DPO-related matters, ensuring compliance and data protection.

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