Located in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Ubiminds leads the tech recruitment industry with a custom-built staff augmentation approach. The organization wants to secure digital product experts and build nearshore distributed teams for newly established companies and wants to thrive in the competitive market.  

Ubiminds gives a white-glove service enabling businesses to save time and money and emphasizes cultural fit and talent expertise to help deliver on their product vision. This innovative and sensible method keeps the client at the center of Ubiminds’ best practices.

The experts at Ubiminds bring and retain tech talent (aka Ubiminders), enabling software manufacturers to focus on building their products and delivering value to users. The GoodFirms team approached Paulo Ross, the founder and CEO of Ubiminds. He started the interview by mentioning that Ubiminds knows and takes human interaction and wellbeing very seriously – and wants everyone to feel the same.

With state-of-the-art amenities and rich a talent pool of product, design, and engineering professionals, Ubiminds has emerged as one of the leaders of BPO industries in Brazil within years by subduing the concept of tech recruitment and endeavoring to bestow quality business solutions and services to people.

As CEO, Paulo states he works towards keeping the #OneTeam spirit strong and ensuring that everyone across Ubiminds stays true to its People-First, Make-it-happen culture. His current mission is to guide the team in scaling the service offering while keeping Ubiminds’ white-glove access to customer and talent success management.

Narrating the idea behind business commencement, Paulo mentions that as a former CTO himself, he too struggled to find senior profiles for software development roles in the past. “My goal when I founded the company was to spare others the hassle but also foster win-win relationships”, he says. 

The CTO also considers himself proud to say Ubiminds helps businesses find the right people to build better products and provides engineers with international career growth opportunities in top tech companies.

Leveraging the customer’s growth with their years of experience in different domains across the BPO sector, Ubiminds has guided a vast network providing reliable and relevant BPO solutions. The innovative BPO team has crafted and offered creative, transparent, and efficient solutions personifying their brand name.

Paulo further mentions that Ubiminds hires new Ubiminders specifically for each new customer the company partners up with. Services are tailored, and there is emphasis on cultural add (not just hard skills) to ensure high attainment and engagement.

Thus, sharing the energy and know-how to take work culture and team construction to a new level endows Ubiminds to thrive as one of the leading BPO companies in Brazil at GoodFirms.

The reviews obtained at GoodFirms confirm the quality of services provided by Ubiminds.

Giphy’s Lluvia Hernandez recommends Ubiminds

Paulo also beams that talent acquisition and people teams work symbiotically with managers’ to make hiring procedures and decisions seamless. Ubiminds gives value by operating as #OneTeam, building a collaborative process with complete visibility, and sharing continuous improvement efforts.

Moreover, the white-glove back-office structure takes care of compliance, furthering education, team building, and logistics. That is why Ubiminds has become the best turnkey solution for those that want to scale distributed teams to LatAm.

With experience in the industry and the acknowledgment of how bad hires hinder continuous delivery in software development (compromising roadmaps and even go-to-marketing strategies!), Ubiminds have been supporting customers with solutions related to recruiting, contracts, payroll, career management, and concierge services, and many others resulting in delivery of better quality results providing both the consumers and the administration to construct a strong relationship.

Paulo further adds that the defining factors for success are whether these businesses are people-oriented, have a high bar for performance, and want to transform their industry. “So far, we’ve helped companies have great progress with building smarter software with the support of Brazilian talent.”

Thus, orchestrating management’s operations by offering solutions handling administrative tasks allows clients to concentrate on larger goals and bring out efficient results endows Ubiminds as one of the top mobile app development companies in Brazil at GoodFirms. The review displayed below is an example, and also reflects the potential of the team at Ubiminds.

Ye Huang, from Datatrak, highlights what makes the Ubiminder under her special.

In conclusion, Paulo mentions that Ubiminds offers both Staff Augmentation and Employer-of-Record Services (EOR). Most companies approach Ubiminds when they are looking to expand their talent pool to Brazil, but don’t want to trade with the complexity and limitations of hiring in a foreign country. In other words, taking care of everything is usually complex, time-consuming, and costly.

Not only is Ubiminds able to comply with local regulations, tax, and employment requirements, but it also expands the client’s HR with talent acquisition and retention expertise. Ubiminds has a sizeable pre-vetted pool of world-class professionals and continues to invest in and deliver value to the tech community actively. This allows us to keep our engineers engaged (boosting retention) and attract new members to our teams.

Curious to learn more? Having gone through the detailed information shared by Paulo, you can read the interview published at GoodFirms.

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