Ubiminds offers a tailored IT staff augmentation service, streamlining the process of sourcing, vetting, and curating digital product teams. With a focus on American SaaS companies eyeing talent in Latin America, Ubiminds ensures a meticulous selection process, fostering high retention rates and substantial cost savings, enabling businesses to concentrate on core operations. Embracing a white-glove approach, Ubiminds unveils a comprehensive strategy to assist companies in securing top-tier talent within 10 days, while maintaining a 40% reduced cost rate.

Who or What is Ubiminds?

People straight off the bench are fast but aren’t necessarily the best. Learn why you should custom-curate your digital product team doing IT staff augmentation with Ubiminds, and how we support you in doing so.

Let’s start by providing you with a brief introduction to Ubiminds in a nutshell:

  • We custom-curate digital product teams. In order to do that, we developed a white-glove IT staff augmentation service that guarantees you talent at a 40% lower rate.
  • But why should your digital product team be custom-curated? More important than having a new employee on your door tomorrow, is having experts selecting someone that perfectly matches your team. This means you get the best people, and they stick with you. We have above-average retention rates: Ubiminders stay with their hiring managers for 20 months on average
  • We dearly want you to focus on your core activities. Let us do the heavy lifting and save you time and money in the process.
  • How long does it take us? From the moment you hire us, the clock starts ticking and you’ll get introduced to the first candidate under 10 days. 

So let’s move forward, shall we?

Beyond IT staff augmentation: Ubiminds and you are #OneTeam

There are many more reasons than the above. One of them is our high-touch, consultative process. That’s why we’ll also share a step-by-step guide on Ubiminds’ sourcing, vetting, and hiring processes. Understand roles, deadlines, and everything that matters. Plus, of course, the perks of benefits on partnering up with us (bigger ROI included on the list). 

We headhunt software engineers – e.g. Management, Analytics, Product, and other specialists – that go above and beyond in code quality, among other skills

When you partner up with us, we stick by your side every step of the way!

What do you want to know more about?

  • 1. IT talent pool: let’s look at some relevant data, shall we?
  • 2. There are plenty of ways in which Ubiminds white-glove service makes your life easier;
  • 3. What you get when you hire Ubiminds;
  • 4. Get to know Ubiminds’ process in detail.

You should know Ubiminds brings much more to the table. We are passionate about people, fostering a unified environment of trustful relationships. We apply ongoing improvement practices on a daily basis, always striving better — thus, create and reinforce freedom with accountability. Finally, we set up strong partnerships, doing business in win-win settings, and opportunity-filled arrangements.

1. IT talent pool: let’s look at some relevant data, shall we? 

There are plenty of reasons why you need the best service provider when it comes to tech recruiting. It’s cut-throat competition out there:

Cost breakdown and how we keep Ubiminders motivated

If you try to hire Brazilian talent by yourself, things tend to be way harder and expensive. As experienced as you are, you probably don’t know the local market extensive and comprehensively. But we DO  know, for example: 

  • Who are the other companies using the same stack as you; 
  • Which are the good IT universities and specialized schools;
  • What’s a suitable, fair compensation;
  • What are the mandatory benefits you have to handle your employee when hiring in Brazil; and so on.

When you hire Ubiminds, you leverage our know-how: we buy you time by selecting a tailored professional for your company, within your budget, fast. 

On the other hand, we are able to compensate Ubiminders well, which keeps them feeling secure and valued. At the same time, working for foreign companies grants them access to top of the line technologies.

The opportunity of being at the forefront of innovation is extremely appealing.  Combined, all these factors lead to high retention rates as well. 

After all, we offer a big opportunity for a career jump to these talents

2. There are plenty of ways in which Ubiminds white-glove service makes your life easier

#Good-bye, bureaucracy! 

When hiring through a contractor, your Legal team most certainly will ask regarding co-employment risks. You should look into service providers that take care of that for you!

Working with Ubiminds, you don’t have to deal with all the paperwork and bureaucracy that comes with hiring someone. You’ll get a great tech pro, and we’ll take care of all the admin details and paperwork, from contracts to equipment. 

Your Master Service Agreements (MSA) and Statements of Work (SOW) ) bring all accountability to us, and we handle that directly with the Ubiminders. With that, you mitigate risk and limit liability. Additionally, that means payroll no longer has to deal with confusing 1099s and W-2s.

You can also rest assured they are paid competitive salaries, get paid time off (PTO), a 2-week vacation, and other benefits, all on us. We understand that this is key to attracting and retaining tech talent.

#Reap the benefits of outsourcing digital product teams with Ubiminds

Software product organizations understand the challenges of hiring engineers in today’s competitive market for high-skilled professionals. Finding the right partner to help to scale digital product teams is essential for leaders seeking to do more with less

We guide organizations in building and scaling distributed digital product teams. Placed as full-time team members, Ubiminders become acquainted with different management styles, methodologies, technologies, and diverse environments. 

Not only does it add value, but also reduce risks faced by companies that hire software engineers. When you hire software engineers from Brazil through Ubiminds, more obvious benefits are clear from the start:

  • Facilitated access to new networks and communities of world-class talent in relevant markets you are not yet acquainted with;
  • Additional resources for sourcing, screening, and vetting with a dedicated squad of tech recruiters for each client;
  • Continuous improvement benchmarks of the process carried out by Ubiminds and the partner network.

But there is also protection from risk and liabilities. We take accountability for compliance, co-employment, and intellectual property. Ubiminds works with MSAs and SOWs that assure you that all of the service standards, proprietary rights, security, confidentiality, and other relevant warranties desired by the referred company are met.

#We identify capabilities and skills, not just formal education

We understand the best-suited applicants are often self-taught, keeping up with trends and adapting to up-and-coming technology way faster than colleges and universities are able to. 

Not only do we overlap résumés with interviews and tests, but also do thorough background checks by talking to candidate’s former employers and clients.

This makes room for two important things. First, we don’t eliminate high-performing, world-class talent solely because they haven’t been to an Ivy League school — broadening your talent pool. 

Second, because we recognize potential. Sometimes, career trajectory trumps educational achievements or degrees: hands-on professional experience provided by the new team member may just be the competitive edge your company needs.

Also, Brazil and the US have a similar culture when it comes to SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and tool stacks. Take software engineers as an example: it is extremely common to use the following:

Brazil's most used tool-stacks

#Harness the best talent and provide them with awesome work conditions

Research shows 59% of Brazilian workers want to work remotely, yet 63.6% of Brazilian companies still don’t allow home office on any account. We make that happen, channeling this into motivation and retention.

We supply developers and engineers with the best equipment available, offer office space in our HQ in Florianopolis — and provide any assistance to those wishing to live and work there. How great can it be? Decide on your own accord. 

#Proven track record of effective hiring.

We apply advanced methodologies to eliminate cognitive bias throughout candidate screening and vetting. With Ubiminds, employee loyalty runs high.  

How does it show? Well, Ubiminders stick to their jobs for 20 months on average. That is because, from the very first moment we reach out, they receive personal treatment, respect, and admiration. And we support client companies in enabling their growth and well-being.

3. What you get when you hire Ubiminds

There are plenty of reasons why companies should stick to full-time, nearshore recruitment strategies. A bigger ROI is one of them. Check it out! 

Expanding your HR vs. Partnering up with Ubiminds

Our company’s white-glove service comes in the form of highly skilled professionals who are experts in recruiting

Sure, you can hire internally through HR, but they probably have a lot on their plate already. Instead of spending time and money to find a nice addition to your HR team, you could simply have someone else do the work for you. Allow us to illustrate.

By expanding your HR, you’re:

  • Spending time and money resources that could be directed somewhere else, therefore not getting as big an ROI you could get;
  • Letting good candidates for your product teams slip by HR’s hands since they’re either: (a) too busy to focus 100% on sourcing/vetting or (b) not as fluent on tech skill lingo.

On the other hand, by partnering with Ubiminds, you’re:

  • Being able to spend time on other tasks;
  • Having a team of expert recruiters whose expertise is filling exotic job positions;
  • Getting a rigorous sourcing and vetting process to make sure only the best candidates will be sent to you.

Traditional staffing models vs. Service provider with a custom-curated approach to digital product teams

You are probably used to some of the usual complaints related to Traditional staffing models:

  • Five to twelve-hour time zone differences, when hiring overseas. This means you need managers to ensure communication and also wait on working hours. In one word: inconvenient.
  • Information might be lost not only due to language and cultural differences if not handled well through thoughtful processes.
  • Focus on providing more arms, instead of brainpower: focus on speed and quantity, not quality.
  • Talent auction: decisions on who to hire is based on price tags over value delivery. And it doesn’t pay off at the end.

When opting for a service provider with a custom-curated approach to digital product teams, these issues are taken into consideration – and much of the hassle is avoided. To move beyond traditional staffing for tech, you are looking at a scenario where you get:

  • One hour difference most of the year: begin to fix issues on the very same day by nearshoring with Ubiminds.
  • ‘Embedded’ team members are always on the same page. Moreover, no language barrier due to ESL level and cultural proximity.
  • Seniority makes a difference in terms of knowledge repertoire and accountability.
  • Mission-driven profiles, hiring people that care and focus on value-added to customers.


Why Ubiminds?

Get to know Ubiminds’ IT staff augmentation process in detail 

We have a basic step-by-step take on tech recruiting. By doing so, we reach a deep understanding of your company culture. And also work side by side to find talents that have not only the tech skills that you need but also the cultural fit, keeping turnover under control. Get to know our process


Curious about how that translates in numbers? Allow us to explain: we spare Hiring Managers A LOT of legwork by getting all the unfit candidates out of the way and only presenting those that will be successful in the partnership. 

Let’s work together on those tech hires.

The bar is high. In order for 1 job position to be filled, we only deliver you the top 1-3% candidates: from 200 sourced candidates or applicants, we only introduce you to one-to-three of them. We spare you AT LEAST 25 profile interviews.

Here’s how white-glove IT staff augmentations service works

1. We start with a kickoff meeting to align expectations and get more details about each role we’ll work on.

When you become one of Ubiminds’ clients, we schedule a project kick-off to make sure we’re on the same page in regards to expectations and terms of service. This meeting usually involves our Customer Success Manager (CSM) and Sales teams, and the company’s CTO and/or VP of Engineering and Product. We’ll set a timeframe, assign each stage an owner, and set dates for the next steps.

More importantly, we become acquainted with your business goals and scalability plan to learn how our staff augmentation services can help. In fact, you can visit our Clutch profile and see what our clients say about us.

2. Then we move on to our search with one or more dedicated recruiters for your open job positions.

After the kick-off, we do a dive-in into how your digital product team works. This is a very important part because it will help us customize our service to fit specific needs. 

Our CSM and Sales teams will learn all about the company and product team structure, product development culture, and stack. And, after all, have an overview of the internal hiring process.

With the dive-in completed, we get to the fun part: the job position kick-off!  

Together, our Customer Success Manager and your Hiring Manager will define requirements. Our CSM will also do adjustments of SLA to the position if they’re needed. They’ll also validate the job description with the Hiring Manager, and fine-tune the job-specific process.

3. We’ll do the first round of interviews to evaluate the candidates regarding tech skills, cultural fit, and English proficiency – so you’ll only receive the top candidates.

Now that we know who we’re looking for, it’s time to go out into the (digital) world and do some sourcing. Our Customer Success Manager and Talent Acquisition team will find possible candidates. We do this through LinkedIn, network activation, our talent pool, and inbound plus outbound campaigns.

Once we have the possible candidates, we start vetting. Our screening process is rigorous, with interviews and testing. We look for English proficiency, cultural fit with your company, and technical skills. Our bar is high!

4. We usually take less than 10 days before sending you the first candidates. During that time, we’ll be reaching out to adjust our search and make sure we’re targeting the right profile.

1 week after the position kick-off meeting, our Customer Success Manager and Talent Acquisition team present the candidate to the CTO, VP of Engineering, and/or Hiring Manager for evaluation. We also interview the client about the sourcing and vetting process in comparison to the job description requirements.

5. From there on, we’ll follow your usual vetting process. Want an example? If you have a take-home test you’d like the candidates to do before interviewing them, we’ll make sure it happens!

We merge into your company’s routine and way of doing things. In case our experts see any sign of improvement needs, we can help you by giving advice on that too. 

Once that’s done, we send candidates a take-home test (if relevant for the position), and do two back-to-back interviews with them. We give feedback on the interview within 1 day, and two days on the test evaluation. 

The process happens within a week after submittal, altogether. If the client isn’t satisfied with the first submission, we’ll look for additional candidates until the position is filled.

6. Leave all the compensation negotiations to us. You don’t have to worry about contracts, administrative stuff, or any of that.

After finding the best candidate for you, our Customer Success Manager and Sales team will negotiate price range, monthly fees, and contract terms with the CTO, VP of Engineering, and/or Hiring Manager. 

We make a short presentation of the market range for the position and/or profile, along with a validation of wage claim and monthly fee. We’ll also set working hours and start dates. 

All of this happens within 2 days after the candidate has been selected. When this part is over, you won’t have to worry about a single thing. Our CSM and back-office team handle all legal, fiscal, and labor-related paperwork. Contracts, NDAs, payroll, benefits, certifications, visas, you name it.

Fun fact: Ubiminds sticks to the American calendar and time-zones. This means a good overlap of working hours and live collaboration without compromising anyone’s lunch or personal time. Take a look:

It staff augmentation with Ubiminds: strong timezone overlap between the US and Brazil

The orange square signals the team’s prime time, when everyone is in. Ideally, all face-to-face live interactions would be booked in time slots within the green zone. The red zone would be of better use as individual focus time. Time slots within the yellow zone can be used for smaller meetings, but preferably less frequently.

7. If you decide upon a candidate, we take care of paperwork and equipment. The only thing you have to do is welcome him/her to your team

Regardless of our standard processes, Ubiminds has a different approach before each customer. We mold our routine to yours, working as part of your team. Book a call with one of our specialists to find out how we can support you in filling those job positions!


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