Any good leader knows that just a good idea isn’t enough to provide good service delivery and keep the business afloat. To achieve that, you need several other things that go on backstage, one of them being a good synergy between your product teams. Now, is that only valid for your internal team, the collaborators who are directly connected to your company and product? Absolutely not

You need not only to have a good working relationship and collaboration with your internal team. But this is also true with your vendors, partners, and service providers. Working with people who understand your needs, your culture, your product, and your roadmap is essential to thriving.

Why is it important to have a highly integrated team?

Say you have your product roadmap and you know the job you’ve got laid out for you to achieve what’s planned, but your vendors are not on the same page. They have not done their homework. They haven’t really gotten to know you to better tailor their services to your company. Overall are almost clueless about how to better support you. 

On another angle, you have your project outlined, and you know who you need to make it happen. When it comes time for HR to shine and send the right candidates your way, you end up going through lots of unqualified resumes, spending time interviewing unfit candidates. Why? Because not enough information was shared on the profiles you need, or because the HR team is not equipped to verify the tech skills you need.

Highly integrated distributed teams

Ubiminds’ distributed team

In either of these cases, it becomes very clear how important it is to have all parties integrated and 100% in sync. Your vendors need to ask you the right questions and understand your needs top to bottom. But there is more. They need the know-how to offer you the best solutions, just as much as HR needs to have all the information they need. And, even more importantly, share their capabilities and/or limitations. 

Ubiminds IT Staff Augmentation

This is where Ubiminds’IT staff augmentation has thrived in the past. We take pride in the fact that when we kick off a project with a new client, our first and most important step is to get to know them in detail. Ask thorough questions on core business, key product(s), culture, stakeholders, competitors, and customer portfolio. Not to mention communication channels and policy, current hiring policies and procedures. That is not even including the details on the job position, for which we untangle each and every important aspect we should be looking for in a candidate.

With our #oneteam approach, this is how we collaborate with some of the key departments within our customers to succeed.

Human Resources and Ubi

They are key partners to our success. We work closely with them since all Ubiminders will be embedded in our clients’ teams. That being so, we can better understand and help with the planning and execution of onboarding policies, training, and development, career ladder, etc. 

Working alongside awesome HR teams, Ubi helps them reach a new talent pool. Even better, spares them the hassle and extra work of recruiting and payroll capacities in Brazil (especially considering law limitations). It can be costly and time-consuming to set up operations in different countries, so we can spare our client’s work. But still provide great tech professionals and services.

We truly believe your company shouldn’t settle for anything less than high-performing, custom-curated, digital product teams. Here is why Ubiminds’ white-glove service is unparalleled!

To make it more tangible for you, we build up a calculator. We have detailed numbers comparing hiring internally versus hiring through Ubiminds. Check it out, the download of this tool is free!

Product / Engineering and Ubi

This is where Ubiminds is set apart from other companies. Yes, we work closely with HR and understand the candidates’ requirements to hire for a position. But even after that, our relationship with the product and engineering teams is extremely important and closely monitored. We support keeping the distributed model running smoothly, helping with 1-1 meeting with both the managers and the hired engineers.  We focus on customer satisfaction and retention. 

If you want a partner that will stick with you in the long run, you got it. We working closely with all stakeholders to assure the best experience possible, we are here for you!


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