Yes, you can indeed get software engineers and developers from the United States, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe. But have you ever really thought about it? The US might have amazing candidates, but they are usually extremely expensive, which is why most companies tend to go to Southeast Asia or Eastern Europe for cheaper developers and engineers. This is exactly why you need to move beyond traditional staffing.

But it is not as great as it seems. They might be more accessible, but due to a language barrier you risk important information getting lost in translation –– and we haven’t even talked about the five to twelve-hour time-zone difference. So why don’t you try something new? Latin America is right there, after all, waiting for a chance to shine. It has top-quality engineers and developers, just like in the US, but at a much affordable price (without sacrificing quality).

We at Ubiminds help you with everything, not just finding candidates and handing them off to HR. Keep reading to learn why Ubiminds is the best choice for you.

Southeast Asia Eastern Europe Latin America
Talent availability 698k UI, full-stack, mobile, enterprise, and game developers 138k UI, full-stack, mobile, enterprise, and game developers 133k UI, full-stack, mobile, enterprise, and game developers
Average service rates Offshore software development services for $30-40 per hour Outsourcing at least $20-32 per hour Average at $20-30, growing towards $55 per hour
Relation to North American Central Time Zone (CT) 11-13h time zone difference 5-7h time zone difference 1-3h time zone difference

More value for money: making Product Leadership’s life easier

You are probably used to some of the usual complaints related to traditional staffing models:

  • Five to twelve-hour time zone differences, when hiring overseas. This means you need managers to ensure communication and also wait on working hours. In one word: inconvenient.
  • Information might be lost not only due to language and cultural differences if not handled well through thoughtful processes.
  • Focus on providing more arms, instead of brainpower: focus on speed and quantity, not quality.
  • Talent auction: decisions on who to hire is based on price tags over value delivery. And it doesn’t pay off in the end.

When opting for a service provider with a custom-curated approach to teams, these issues are taken into consideration – and much of the hassle is avoided. To move beyond traditional staffing for tech, you are looking at a scenario where you get:

  1. One hour difference most of the year: begin to fix issues on the very same day.
  2. ‘Embedded’ team members are always on the same page. Moreover, no language barrier due to ESL level and cultural proximity.
  3. Seniority makes a difference in terms of knowledge repertoire and accountability.
  4. Mission-driven profiles, hiring people that care and focus on value-added to customers.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Service level

Albeit traditional staffing firms often offer speed, it results from in-mass processes. The standardized vetting process focused on speed instead of quality, is usually the norm for companies that have IT professionals, straight off the bench. In these cases, there is a clean-cut candidate handover after hiring, with no additional support to client companies and candidates once the recruiting is over.

When it comes to the negotiation per se, it may be not-so-flexible negotiations, sticking to a single price range and fixed contract terms. What should demand, then? Service-side, ask for:

  1. Strong vetting process not only based on tech skills but also cultural fit.
  2. Own onboarding process and first-week follow up with engineers and teams.
  3. Gatherings once or twice a year, for both work and fun together.
  4. Monthly assessments to evaluate how things are going.

Regarding negotiations and back office, don’t accept anything less than continuous follow-up and assistance. One way to know you’ve found the right partner is by experiencing clear negotiations, with aligned expectations from the get-go.

Ubiminds is great because there are no hidden costs. What you see is what you get.

Recruiters’ attention isn’t scattered between different customers and segments: with Ubiminds, you get your own dedicated tech recruitment team, specializing in fulfilling rather specific needs. But there is a lot more to it. Payroll expenses and benefits are all on us, so there are no surprise extras added to the annual fee. If you’re more used to lower levels of accountability and compliance towards employee relations, rest assured it is not the case.

Ubiminds takes care of personnel operations for your Brazilian employees, with all legal and accounting paperwork and bureaucracy. It even includes travel administration, from visas to tickets and accommodation. Ubiminds provides office space, with workspaces made available and help with relocation, as well as equipment needed to meet high-quality work conditions.

Still not convinced? Check our numbers!

We truly believe your company shouldn’t settle for anything less than high-performing, custom-curated, digital product teams. Here is why Ubiminds’ white-glove service is unparalleled!

To make it more tangible for you, we build up a calculator with detailed numbers comparing hiring internally versus hiring through Ubiminds. Check it out, the download of this tool is free!


Ubiminds helps you cut back on costs, not quality. Let’s talk.


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