Ubiminds has received prestigious recognition yet again, this time from Clutch, a leading reviews platform in the B2B sphere. We’re proud to share that Clutch has acknowledged Ubiminds as a top consultancy for our outstanding tech recruiting services. This honor reaffirms our dedication to sourcing the best talent for American SaaS companies seeking expertise in software engineering, product development, and more in Latin America.

Connecting Tech Talent for Unmatched Results

All great companies and organizations have one thing in common; a great group of people supporting and working for them. Having experienced professionals behind your business can enhance your operations and efficiency. A great HR Consultancy knows how to help you recruit the best talent for your needs.

At Ubiminds, we’ve built a strong reputation for uniting top professionals across Latin America and the US, fostering a collaborative environment for skill sharing and mentorship. Our commitment to hiring software engineers in Latin America and curating nearshore talent has enabled us to consistently deliver high-performance teams that drive success for our clients.

At first glance, this means tech recruiting and running HR routines for customers. Yet, a closer look reveals we have built a strong IT and Engineering community. Both in Brazil and the US, we unite top professionals for skill sharing and career mentoring.

Ubiminds has consistently received positive feedback from the Product and Engineering teams as well as the engineers themselves. In fact, you can check their stories first-hand, here:

Still, we are grateful and honored to be publicly awarded by a prestigious entity. Making quality hires is more than something we strive for – it is part of our DNA.

Testimonials Highlight Our Excellence

Since 2017, we’ve worked with midsized businesses and major enterprises. At this time, we’re proud to have already earned their trust and built amazing relationships.

The positive feedback from product and engineering teams, as well as our professionals themselves, speaks volumes about our tailored recruitment strategies. Dive into firsthand accounts from tech leaders and Ubiminders, detailing why Ubiminds remains a top choice for securing top-tier talent and enhancing software team performance and collaboration.

Likewise, we’ve also been receiving positive appraisals across the board. Ubiminds’ ongoing positive reviews and referrals feature in other platforms too. Examples include Goodfirms, G2, and Glassdoor.

Ubiminds’ Values Drive Success

Our core values, including a “Make-it-happen” attitude and an unwavering commitment to excellence, underpin everything we do. We’re not just about building better software; we’re dedicated to improving users’ lives through meaningful innovation and fostering software team collaboration within distributed and remote teams.

Ubiminds custom-curates nearshore talent for high-performance product teams. In practice, we bring talented and engaged professionals to mission-driven companies. This has much to do with the company’s origin story, as the founder and CEO Paulo Ross further explains:

“As a former CTO myself, I too used to struggle in scaling product engineering teams. We had to either waste time in endless recruiting processes or settle for software development contractors that weren’t fully committed to our specific goals. It is exciting to see Ubiminds support CTOs succeed at building distributed teams the smart way. More so, to be recognized for it.”  – Paulo Ross, Ubiminds Chief Executive Officer

CEO Paulo Ross Ubiminds

CEO Paulo Ross

Ubiminders believe in building better software. But, moreover, they are driven by the way they help improve the user’s daily life. Don’t believe us? Have a look at Ubiminds’ core values. They include a Make-it-happen attitude and never settling for being less than Awesome, for instance.

Tailored Recruitment for Optimal Results

Ubiminds doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Each recruitment process is meticulously customized to align with our client’s specific needs and goals. This tailored method not only ensures successful talent acquisitions but also significantly reduces attrition rates, fostering a high-performing nearshore software engineering team.

Here, no two job positions are treated the same. For each new role, we establish specific tech recruiting tactics and techniques. We also provide technical knowledge for IT recruiters and are more than willing to collaborate with your internal team, sharing tech recruiting service tips and know-how.

This allows us to meet the specific needs and goals of each product or engineering team. Thus, the company is able to consistently deliver successful talent. An added bonus is that this keeps attrition rates at much more attractive levels than those of other service providers.

This care and effort improve the outcomes of software delivery. Ubiminds provides CTOs and Directors of Engineering and Product a much-appreciated focus on quality software and user experience. So much so, that companies and leaders are willing to go on record and speak on our behalf:

Looking Ahead with Ubiminds

The Clutch award stands as a testament to Ubiminds’ unwavering dedication to providing world-class solutions. We’re immensely grateful to our clients for their exceptional reviews, which inspire us to continuously raise the bar in staff augmentation in LatAm.

Tech recruiting has been a challenge. Even more so for American and Canadian companies. The reasons? Talent pool limitations and ever-increasing rates. Looking abroad is a growing need. Whichever way you look at it, relying on a strong IT staffing partner is a good call.

Ubiminds allows you to hire nearshore without the need to establish an entity in Brazil. Yes, it is convenient. But more important, it is beneficial in terms of accountability and compliance. By mitigating risks in outsourcing software development, it protects companies and professionals alike.

Relying on a strong IT staffing firm such as Ubiminds to hire nearshore without the need to establish an entity in Brazil is not only convenient but also beneficial in terms of accountability and compliance – protecting companies and professionals alike.

“Bringing in high-performance engineers to collaborate in real-time with innovative teams is an awesome thing to be part of. On the one side, we go nearshore to expand talent pools and offer attractive rates. Yet, at the same time, we extend meaningful career advancements to engineers. Win-win relations, always!”  – Scheila Farias, B2B Marketing Lead

Elevate Your Team with Ubiminds

For American SaaS companies seeking unparalleled tech talent without the complexities of overseas recruitment, Ubiminds is your seamless solution. Our commitment to accountability, compliance, and unmatched talent acquisition makes us the ideal partner in your quest for exceptional staffing and building high-performing, remote software teams in Latin America.

Ready to Grow Your Team? Get in touch with Ubiminds today and experience our award-winning tech recruitment services firsthand. Let’s transform possibilities into realities and craft a brighter future together.


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