While it is true that you can get software engineers from the United States, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe through traditional staffing firms, have you actually thought about it? The US might have amazing candidates, but they are usually expensive. This is why most companies tend to go to Southeast Asia or Eastern Europe for cheaper developers and engineers.

However, it is not as great as it seems. They might be more accessible, but due to a language barrier, you risk important information getting lost in translation. So why don’t you try something new? Latin America is right there, after all, waiting for a chance to shine. It has top-quality engineers and developers, like in the US, but at a much affordable price (without sacrificing quality).

We at Ubiminds help you with everything, not finding candidates and handing them off to HR. Keep reading to learn why Ubiminds is the best choice for you. It’s time to move on with traditional staffing.

Southeast Asia Eastern Europe Latin America
Talent availability 698k UI, full-stack, mobile, enterprise, and game developers 138k UI, full-stack, mobile, enterprise, and game developers 133k UI, full-stack, mobile, enterprise, and game developers
Average service rates Offshore software development services for $30-40 per hour Outsourcing at least $20-32 per hour Average at $20-30, growing towards $55 per hour
Relation to North American Central Time Zone (CT) 11-13h time zone difference 5-7h time zone difference 1-3h time zone difference

More value for money: making Product Leadership’s life easier

With traditional staffing firms that are located in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, there’s a five-to-twelve-hour difference. Because of this, you need managers to waste time and energy ensuring proper communication is happening and nothing is getting lost in translation. But that’s not all. You also have to wait on working hours, since your software engineers are so far away. Besides, you might think you’re getting a good deal, but most of the time you get more arms focusing on speed and quantity, not quality. That is what you get when price tags matter more than the value.

With Ubiminds you get a much different experience. Because we are located in Latin America, we have a one-hour time-zone difference for most of the year, which means you can begin to fix whatever is wrong the very same day. Our engineers and developers are embedded in your company, instead of handing things over the wall and not talking at all. They are always on the same page. Plus, there is no language barrier due to high ESL level and cultural proximity. Seniority makes a difference in terms of knowledge repertoire and accountability. We have mission-driven profiles and hire people that care and focus on value-added to the customers. Simply put, our bar is very high.

Service level comparison

If that is not enough, keep in mind that traditional staffing firms tend to do a standardized vetting process with a focus on speed instead of the quality and specifications of your company. This can lead to the wrong candidates being thrown at you. Usually, negotiations are not flexible, so you either have to take them or leave them as they are. It is a single hiring model, based only on money, and candidate handover is clean-cut. There is no additional support to client companies and candidates. You’re all by yourself.

On the other hand, Ubiminds has a strong vetting process not only based on tech skills, but also cultural fit. Our negotiations are crystal clear, with aligned expectations from the get-go. We help with the onboarding process and do the first-week follow-up with Ubiminders and teams –– which continues to happen monthly to make sure everything’s working as it should. We provide assistance for whatever you need. Plus, we arrange social gatherings once or twice a year for both work and fun.

Ubiminds is great because there are no hidden costs. What you see is what you get.

On traditional staffing firms, the recruiters’ attention is scattered between different customers and segments. So besides having a standardized vetting process that doesn’t focus on the specifications of who you’re looking for, you’re also not getting 100% of their attention. Now, is it really worth the investment? Also, with traditional staffing firms, the compensation and benefits are up to the client and vary vastly. Lower levels of accountability and compliance towards employee relations, with a bonus of less reliable infrastructure, impacting work conditions.

With us, payroll expenses and benefits are all ours. We take full responsibility so you don’t have to worry about a single thing. Our tech recruiters are specialized in fulfilling specific needs, and they are dedicated 100% of the time. We do personnel operations, with legal and accounting paperwork and bureaucracy. We do travel administration, from visas to tickets to accommodation. We provide office space, with workspaces made available and help with relocation, and we also provide high-quality equipment for just as high work conditions. Now you see why we’re a better choice?

Ubiminds helps you cut back on costs, not quality.


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