Clients want the best possible user experience, with top-notch product quality. The only way to ensure value delivery is by having a kickass team building it, 100% aligned with your goals. Here we’ll give out some tips to help you get there.

Truth be told: for every software product your clients need, there are many choices to pick from. If you don’t offer the best option with the most value delivery, they’ll look elsewhere. Without happy customers, a business’s death is inevitable. Bringing together the right people is essential to build better software. So how can we go about it?

What is value delivery and why is it an important goal for software teams?

Having a clear product outline and the right people to execute your ideas is the first step. To take you to the next level, you need to bring the most value delivery to your customers. They need the best possible user experience, knowing they’ll get the most from your product, and without performance issues and interruptions. Either in the form of features, benefits, or extra attributes – they want the best they can get.

That being so, it is crucial that you and your team are aligned and focused on one goal: delivering the appropriate experience. That goes from the top of the management chain (setting solid goals) to the product teams (outlining deliverables), to software teams (bringing your vision to reality).

Having a committed software team with a solid product understanding is crucial since they’ll be the ones ultimately responsible for getting the project off the ground and running smoothly. It’s oh so important to bring the right people on board, keeping them engaged and optimizing your process and Software Development Lifecycle (SLC).

What to have in mind when analyzing your SDLC

But how can you tune the SDLC to improve quality and deliver more value? Product team has set the scope, and Engineering is ready to put in the work. But how do you actively go about it?

  • First, your goals and vision have to be very clear. Know your north star. Empower and motivate your teams to get there, having a streamlined communication.
  • Secondly, tech needs tech! Basic work conditions (equipment and tools) and infrastructure (physical and software) are the basic requirements to get the job done.
  • Third, you need the right people! Having clear goals and the right tools will get you nowhere without the right minds and hands to use and implement them. Your software teams are the ones getting plans from paper to reality, so picking the best talent is key.

Bringing the right people together helps you get the quality you deserve to deliver the value your clients need. 

Software is built by people.

I can’t repeat enough: you need the right people. And I’m not talking about butts in a seat, but actual partners to your success. Here’s what you should be looking for:

  • Diversity of ideas as key – thrive on different opinions and schools of thought, they’ll bring you the most innovations and ideas.
  • Team-oriented people – deliveries are met with full collaboration to boost efficiency and quality.

    • Ownership mindset – opinionated, but data-driven. 
    • Vision-oriented and passionate, they are problem solvers, not code monkeys.
    • Curious and Innovative, being stuck is not for them. They want to learn, grow and will bring new things to the table
  • Integrity – something that should go beyond saying, but should be checked since hiring stage.

How can Ubiminds help you get the right people for your teams?

We know from experience how difficult it is to find good tech talents. The screening and interviewing process alone can be brutal, and that’s not even considering how long it will take them to ramp up, only to have them leave you later for a different opportunity.

Ubiminds is a seasoned company that has been working with American companies to help solve the human capital shortage part of the equation by building, expanding, and managing distributed teams.

We help our clients by expanding their talent pool to Brazil, finding engineers with reasonable rates, and fast. Not only that, but we also work with retention, after all, we want to keep the good ones around ;). You can learn how our services are built in this post.

Distributed is here to stay, and you need the right partner to help you plan, structure, and fulfill your growth strategy with highly talented teams. 

Sounds interesting? Let’s talk!


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